Canadian Sphynx cattery Cardinal Moore

Canadian Sphynx cattery Cardinal Moore

Welcome to our website Cattery «Cardinal Moore» Chelyabinsk.

My name is Julia and I am the owner of Canadian Sphynx and Elf cattery.
Our cattery «Cardinal Moore» is registered and certificated according the WCF system (Germany). We are the members of the cat lovers club “Katus” in Chelyabinsk.

We situated in Chelyabinsk city on the border between Ural and Siberia on the eastern part of Ural Mountains between the Iset River and the Miass River.
Chelyabinsk City is a unique one because the border between Ural and Siberia divides the city into two parts. One part is situated on the Ural and another part is in Siberia.

Cardinal Moore cattery: how it all started...

We started our cattery not long ago. In 2011 for the first time I have seen those eyes, I have touched that gentle skin and realized what a big heart has that little mythical creature. Their hearts are full of love, belief, honesty and devotion. And I have clearly seen that these supernatural creatures will be with me forever.

The first cat in our cattery “ Cardinal Moore” was a Canadian Sphynx Umberli Uliya. We brought her from Magnitogorsk. One year later together with my family we decided to get a cat- sire. I was looking for the cat- sire for several months and finally I have met the cat, the only one, the inimitable cat Infinite Joy Uran. It captivated me from the first sight.
In 2011 our cattery has started breeding program “Elf”. The aim of this program is to breed a new sort of cats- a crossbreed of American Curl and Canadian Sphynx. In September 2016 the first hairless kitten with ears curled back was born as a result of this program. It was a girl named Zizy. This tiny kitten has become the first Elf not only in the cattery «Cardinal Moore» but in Chelyabinsk too.

The purpose of our cattery is the reproduction of healthy, tender and ready for contact animals. The proper and adequate breeding gives us an opportunity to have high quality animals. The limited number of pets let us to pay maximum attention to every animal that is why our kittens are very kind, sociable and tame.

Our cats and their children regularly take parts in different exhibitions and prove their accordance to high standards, get awards ant take the medal places.

Canadian Sphynx is a loving and curios breed of cats. Their character and unusual appearance will not leave indifferent anyone. That one who only once meets Canadian Sphynx will never part with them.

Canadian Sphynx amaze by their charming appearance and character. These cats are very intelligent, have a good sense of logic and good memory. It is very easy to teach them and train. You can teach them to bring you small objects in their mouths and do simple instructions. It’s very interesting to watch them- they can climb at the table, steal a piece of paper or a pen, roll it on the floor, throw under the sofa and then pull it back with their graceful paw.

These cats like being with a man for a long time, taking part in family affairs, being in the high light, having love and caress from their owner.

I can say with all the responsibility that buying a kitten in the cattery «Cardinal Moore» you get the socially adapted, healthy, fully vaccinated and housebroken new member of your family.

We love our pets!

Yours faithfully, Julia Sergeeva

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