Canadian Sphynx cattery Cardinal Moore

Reservation animal

How to book an animal:

Dear customers, be aware. Purchase of a cat or a kitten and future living together should give you only positive emotions. You shouldn’t be in a hurry choosing a cattery or a breeder because your future depends on your right choice. It’s impossible to allow the possibility to be deceived by the dealer.  I recommend collecting as many information about a cattery and a breeder as possible and check whether this information is true.  Try to find the possibility to come and see the animals and their living conditions.

Booking rules:

In order to prove you serious intentions to buy a kitten in the cattery Cardinal Moore, you need to deposit the earnest money. Its sum will be taken into account for you future payment as a part of the total cost of the animal.

An animal is booked in case of depositing earnest money which is 30 % of the total cost.

The customer can’t get the earnest money back in case of:

1) customer’s rejection to buy the animal.

2)customer not taking the animal in time.

In these cases the earnest money is considered as the compensation for keeping the animal and the loss of profit of possibility to sell this animal. The dealer has a right to sell the animal to another customer except the cases of additional agreement about a new date of handing the animal. Further keeping is considered as overkeeping for customer’s extra payment calculated according to the actual time of staying of the animal in the dealer’s cattery.

The dealer gives back double the earnest money to the customer in case of disruption of booking and selling conditions by dealer before target date.

Booking options in Cardinal Moore cattery:

1)You can come and choose any available animal, negotiate conditions, sign the contract and deposit the earnest money.

2) You can choose the animal via Skype, video or photos published on Cardinal Moore website, social networks or order photos or video just writing to the dealer and explaining your requirements. The dealer sends the contract to your e-mail address signed by the dealer. The customer prints the contract and signs it, then scans and sends the signed contract to the dealer’s e- mail address. Then the customer deposits the earnest money by any available way. The customer should take the animal personally or by carrier on target date.

Delivery and transportation cost is not included in the total cost of animal. The customer has to pay it additionally.

The animal will be sent to the customer only in case of full payment except there is another agreement in contract.

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